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What is a UPS power supply

Put very simply a battery back-up UPS power supply is designed to supply what is connected to it with power when the mains input has failed or exceeded allowable tolerances.

These failures are not always complete blackouts, but offer protection to voltage surge and interference etc.

This allows either controlled switching and powering down of devices or in larger installations transfer to generator power without loss or interruption.


Why you need to protect your power

A momentary loss of power can be catastrophic in today’s technological world. Given the technical challenges faced by Australian energy companies, including those that provide electricity.

Unfortunately our power supply is not as stable as we might like, and UPS products offer solutions designed to protect your business  critical equipment from total power loss and distortions such as:

  1. Power failure
  2. Voltage Dips and spikes
  3. Surge Protection
  4. Switching transients
  5. Frequency variation

Different types to suit your budget and needs

We stock and design a range of UPS systems to suit all  conditions found in the Australian market today, but generally they can be divided into offline or online.

Online / offline simply refers to a description of whether your load is being supplied by normal mains supply, or by the inverter of the UPS during normal every day operation.

By far the two most common types  are the “line interactive” and “true online ”

Off-Line standby UPS

Offline Standby UPS or  standby power supply, will supply load by regular main supply and then in  the event of a power loss or brown out will switch to battery supply

Line Interactive UPS

A line interactive UPS is the next step up from a standby UPS , still an offline UPS it offers some additional conditioning of the mains being supplied to the load

Online Double Convesion

If you’re at risk of of losing critcal data, this is the UPS you  need. No breaks when mains is lost and the load is being supplied via the batteries

What is the best uninterrupted power protection for you?

The main considerations when looking for power protection can be divided into 4, the weighting of each of them may vary depending on each specific site.

The four main questions you will need to address will be the following:

  1. What is the load of the equipment you are looking to protect?
  2. What is the required battery run time.
  3. What scope do you require (if any) for growth.
  4. Is there a requirement for monitoring of the UPS.


Battery backup for the home and small office

For a small number of standalone workstations or computer it may be more cost effective to install individual UPS on each, or if they are close together run two or three of one UPS either line interactive or true online – depending on your budget requirements


Medium – Large offices, dedicated Server and Communication Racks.

In medium to larger offices, you may still have a choice of Line interactive or online, but given the cost incurred in the event of a power failure such as lost or corrupted data and the incurred cost of man hours in recovering the work, the cost of servers faults, in over 10 years solely working in the industry on various brands and ratings, the online double conversion wins hands down.


Large Offices, data centres, call centres.

If you are seeking the security of power protection (and you should be) for these types of critical rooms,  your will be looking at double conversion true online, your options then start with considerations for accessories such as bypass switches, automatic transfer switching, remote monitoring, management and control.


Design and Installation

Where systems often can go wrong is more in the design of the installation such as

  • Inadequate ventilation or air conditioning – especially around battery cabinets
  • Lack of external maintenance bypass switch.
  • Poor siting
  • Monitoring
  • Allowing capacity for growth.

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