Uninterruptible Power Supply Brisbane Queensland

Beautiful one day – perfect the next.

That may well be true for some, but qld power is far from perfect and with the harsh weather and environment we have – it leaves us wide open to power blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges, line noise etc etc.

If you are seeking a UPS – from a small 750VA to 400kva parallel sets – we have you covered.

Innovative and affordable sales and service plans to suit small business and corportate budgets alike.

Installation, service and maintenance throughout queensland.

Uninterruptible Power  Sales, Repairs and Maintenance in Brisbane Queensland

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UPS Sales and Installation in Queensland

From 400va for the small office or home UPS through to  the 900 kva Master MPS for large data centres we have the right uninterruptible power supply system for your business, we offer UPS sales and commissioning and witness testing throughout the state from Brisbane to Mackay and out to the mining areas

We are big on communication and keep you fully upto date through commissioning to handover.

Click on the closest suburb to you for more details and we encourage you to fill in our quick customer enquiry form as this will help to make sure we get the information we need to help you quickly.

Service and repairs in Qld

Regular service of a UPS is critical to ensure reliable operation.

To ensures you power protection system will guarantee your business continuity, there are a range of cost-effective service plans  to ensure your UPS is ready to perform when it is needed most. Our UPS service plans include:

  • Routine inspection and preventative maintenance

  • Emergency call-out options including guaranteed speed of response

  • Remote monitoring 

  • Battery maintenance

  • Fully comprehensive cover available

All our service plans offer the flexibility to choose the level of service needed to ensure that risks and costs are minimised.   

Please click on the relevant suburb for more details

what is the right power protection

Queensland is a vast state with a diverse range of industry. The scale alone is enough to cause issues occasionally with your electricity supply, But add into the mix the storm season and if you do business in Qld you are going to want to protect your business from the inconvenience, cost and headache a sudden loss of power can inflict.

But not all UPS are created equal, make sure you get the right uninterruptible power supply for your business.

uninterrupted power for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast

Our factory trained technicians are located throughout the area and we offer unrivalled support and back up in the region.

There are a range of  business and industries in , and we have the right size and class of U to suit each.

Typical business that we supply, protect and maintain with our  uninterruptible power supplies in the region include

  • airports
  • hospitals
  • ict
  • defense
  • local government
  • manufacturing plants
  • office complex

Hervey Bay, Bundaberg and Gladstone

The industries in this area can range from heavy industry as found in Gladstone to the typical business found in most CBD and retail areas throughout Hervey bay amd Bundaberg .

We offer suitable UPS to all sectors and the typical business that we supply, protect and maintain with our  uninterruptible power supplies in the region include

  • service industries
  • retail and POS
  • office work stations
  • voip and data racks
  • storage and warehousing
  • refineries

Rockhampton, Mackay and Cairns

From the tourism sector on the East Coast to the mining industry in the west. This region has played an important role in qld growth over the last few years

We support this region with regular UPS maintenance and service

Typical business that we supply, protect and maintain with our  uninterruptible power supplies in the region include


  • mining
  • airport
  • data centres
  • refineries
  • manufacturing plants
  • local government

Heavy duty UPS for Mines, heavy industry and coastal regions

The stress and demands in some industries are excessive. Some environments and operating conditions are just not suited to standard uninterruptible power supply systems and premature failure and poor reliability is usually the result when they are put under such mechanical stress .

For Heavy industries such as these we offer a range of industrial UPS that have been built tough to sustain such  conditions.

Built to be almost indestructable and some of the features include:-

  • to run at full load with half their ventilation fans operating
  • built to with high short circuit currents to switch loads that require high current peaks during switching
  • built with isolating transformers