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New South Wales Uninterrupted Power Industry

Progressive – Smart – Competitive

With world-leading infrastructure, cost-competitiveness, and such diversity of sectors and skills and government support has continued for an amazing 23 years of uninterrupted economic growth, and is recognised as such   both Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s  who give a AAA sovereign credit ratings.


We supply service and maintain UPS systems accross most of the sectors within NSW from Sydney CBD through to mining and agricultural  Financial and banking sector

The financial and banking services sector is the largest contributor to the state’s economy and increasing numbers of large multinationals are taking advantage of the positive economic environment to relocate their regional headquarters to Sydney.

Power Protection (UPS) Supply  and Maintenance in NSW

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UPS Sales and Installation in NSW

Whether you are seeking to protect your Data centre  or small office we have the system to protect your servers and critical equiptment.

Our warehousing in Sydney distributes quickly throughout regional NSW as well as obviously servicing metro areas

Maintain your Power Protection

Periodic Maintenance of your UPS is critical to ensure it works when you need it to

Most business have no idea how the batteries are performing, the condition of power components that fail such as capacitors, fans  etc.

Our  of cost-effective maintenance plans  will make sure your UPS is in perfect condition ready to back up your power when  needed.

Service plans include:

  • Preventative maintenance ranging from 2 – 4 times /year

  • Guaranteed time specific response

  • Remote monitoring of UPS and batteries

  • Battery testing and maintenance 

  • Fully inclusive comprehensive cover available

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We have the right power protection for your NSW business

New South Wales economy is a powerhouse, larger than Singapore or Hong Kong. It is also state with a diverse range of industry.

Whilst the financial and banking sector of Sydney CBD is the sector of the NSW economy, more regional areas there is a very strong manufacturing plants and  mining industries.

With the and traditional agricultural business diversifying into high-growth areas like aquaculture, biotechnology and information and communications technology.

Uninterruptible power supplies for Sydney and  the CBD

You will find some of the largest Australian companies in Sydney CBD and many   Asia-Pacific headquarters  international companies.

The financial services  occupies much of the office space within the CBD,  including Westpac, CBA, , and Macquarie Bank.

From major financial institutions, to local government and small business, you will find our UPS systems protecting critical infrastructure .

Our battery back are designed for all business types including :-

  • office servers and work stations
  • dedicated server racks
  • airports
  • hospitals
  • Corporate ICT data centres
  • Government office complex

Power Protection for Tourism, health and local government

Offering a range of UPS that are suited to the more traditional business sectors found alnong the NSW coastal towns and cities. From small true online UPS to UPS that are fully treated to handle the climate and coastal conditions

Our UPS that are to all sectors and the typical business that we supply, protect and maintain with our  uninterruptible power supplies in the region include

  • service industries
  • retail and POS
  • local governement
  • voip and data racks
  • storage and warehousing
  • health care

Industrial UPS for mining and marine and heavy industry


We use Riello Industrial UPS Systems, that comes from extensive R and D. Experience in supplying power back-up and power quality solutions for mission critical applications in harsh environments such as refineries, petrochemicals, marine and power generation  industries as well as for critical data processing applications.

The increased demands in these types of industries are excessive and not suited to the standard uninterruptible power supply systems, which would result in early  failure and uncertain reliability.

For such  industries such as these we offer a range of industrial UPS that are built to be almost indestructible

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